George W. Hart

Other Puzzles

This puzzle is composed of thirty identical interlocked components,
  grouped into ten modules. This prototype is made of laser-cut cherry. 
It is tricky to assemble, but holds together well once assembled.

Each part is a simple H.

Here is a view down a 3-fold axis.  It is 12 cm in diameter.

And here is a view down a 5-fold axis.

Here are the ten modules.  Each has three H parts.  Four of the modules
are in a triangular configuration and six are in a zig-zag configuration.
There is a unique solution, and it has a nice tetrahedral symmetry.

I later made a version of this puzzle in nylon by rapid prototyping (Selective Laser Sintering).
This material is more flexible, so a better choice for this design.

Here, the ten pieces from the previous image are now assembled. 
It is 7 cm in diameter but I should have made it a little larger.