Dodecahedron Sculpture

George W. Hart

Here's a large dodecahedron sculpture I made with students at Florida State College at Jacksonville in January 2016.
It's a scaled up variation on this smaller version, shown in this video, which explains the design

We began by making three-part modules and joining them into a pentagonal ring while holding them up in the air.

Then with it resting on the floor, we added more modules, working upward.

At this stage, we've closed the pentagonal openings in the lower half.

Then just keep going until all twelve pentagonal openings are complete.

The final step is to snip off the ends of the cable ties.

Here's the template.  Students used a router to cut sixty copies and I beveled the four mating edges to 32 degrees.

Thank you to all the students at FSC who participated in the project and to Michael Cottrell for the excellent arrangements.

Copyright 2016, George W. Hart