George W. Hart

is a 24-inch diameter sculpture made of laser-cut wood, stained Prussian blue, and assembled with cable ties.  The form and the name derive from my sculpture Frabjous, which has similar points on the exterior.  But Frabjic is much simpler because there is no tangle in the center that would make it a puzzle to assemble.  So this is a great beginner project if you have assess to a laser cutter.

You need to cut out sixty identical parts using this template.  The holes are for the cable ties to connect adjacent pieces, so if you scale the template to a different size, be sure to check if you need to scale the holes differently for your size cable tie. 

Beveling the edges that mate isn't strictly necessary, but it helps the parts fit together nicely.  I use a disk sander for this.  The front of the two edges along the curve (around the 5-fold openings) are beveled 18 degrees.  The back of the two edges which meet at the outer points (shown above) should be beveled 54 degrees, but if the table on your sander only goes to 45 degrees, that will work fine.

You can start by making twenty of these three-part modules using cable ties in the holes near the points.  I like leaving the ties unclipped for a whiskery feel.

Then the modules are joined together using the holes near the curves.  I clip off the tails of these inner cable ties.

I find the assembled form to be very elegant.  After building this un-colored test version, I clipped the cable ties, disassembled it, stained the parts, and reassembled it as shown at the top of this page. 

You can see a video of it in motion here.
And here is a high-res photo.

Copyright 2016, George W. Hart