A Cardboard Sculpture at
2017 World Maker Faire

George W. Hart

This is a four-foot diameter cardboard sculpture I designed for the Education Forum of the 2017 World Maker Faire in NY City.  It was assembled by several dozen people over the course of the day from sixty identical laser-cut components I had prepared ahead of time.  If you would like to replicate this design, the parts template and assembly instructions are freely available on the MakingMathVisible web site (see the bottom of the page for "Spring", Extension A).

The first step is to join three pieces together into a module, using small black binder clips.

Then we unclip the joints one at a time, brush in some glue, and reclip them for the glue to dry.

The modules are joined together with clips, initially holding everything up in the air.

When all clipped together, it rests on the floor so we can glue together the modules.

It sat as the glue dried.  Later we removed the clips.  The final result shown at the top of this page.

This educational construction activity is detailed at http://MakingMathVisible.com

Thank you to everyone at the Faire who participated in the assembly.

Copyright 2017, George W. Hart