George W. Hart

SuperFrabjous is a 12-inch diameter sculpture made from thirty laser-cut wood components.  It can be seen as two layers. There is a wiggly inner structure, which can be understood as six interlocked pentagons, and a spiraling outer structure, which can be understood (roughly) as five concentric tetrahedra.  Both layers are disconnected in isolation, e.g., the pentagons do not contact each other and the tetrahedra do not touch each other.  So both parts would crumble if it weren't for the fact that each of the thirty wood components provides one pentagon edge and one tetrahedron edge. So the six pentagons float in space in the proper positions relative to each other and the five tetrahedra also float in space in their relative positions, not touching each other.  It is a rather magical effect to trace the components and see how they weave through each other without touching, each layer supporting the other.

It began with these thirty identical components, which I had to sand, bevel, finish, interweave, jig into position, and glue.  This was probably the most difficult of all my sculptures for me to assemble.  But I'm very happy with the way it came out.

Here's a slightly different view of it, which may help clarify how the parts interweave.  To more fully understand it, it helps to see a video of its construction, on my YouTube channel, here.

SuperFrabjous is featured in the April, 2014 issue of Discover Magazine, p. 37.

Copyright 2010, George W. Hart