George W. Hart

Florality gives a sense of being a complex world covered with floral vines.  It may look confusing at first, but the more you study it, the more symmetry and regularity you can find.  It is a table-top piece, about 9 inches in diameter, made of thirty identical 3 mm thick pieces of laser-cut Baltic birch plywood, stained green on the outside and purple on the inside.  It can be lifted off this base, which has five-fold symmetry.

This animation gives a better sense of its flowery intricacy.

Every part is a flat shape that looks like this.
The overall effect is of a symmetric tangle of vines.

Here's a rendering centered on one of the twelve places where five "leaves" spiral around a five-fold axis.  There are also twenty places where three leaves connect in a kind of triskelion.  Florality is a cousin in some ways to The Sculpture Formerly Known as Swirly, but here there are 3-fold connections and 5-fold openings instead of 5-fold connections and 3-fold openings.

This close-up detail shows how the parts are beveled and glued together.

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