Seminar of the Undergraduate College in
Information and Technology Studies (ITS)
Spring 2003

The Fourth Dimension

Prof. George W. Hart
Dept. Computer Science

This 1-credit course will explore various aspects of the fourth dimension through a variety of perspectives. Just as an anthropologist studies other cultures and returns with new insights about our own society, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of our 3D world after "going outside of it" to see other alternatives. The course will involve critical reading to sort mathematical substance from fancy, much model making with a variety of materials, discussions, and presentation of a term project or paper that involves research and critical thought.

This seminar is limited to 20 students and is graded with a letter grade. Class participation is expected.  Some of the topics to be explored are:

There are two required texts for this course: The first one, Flatland, is a short novel. Both are available as inexpensive paperbacks and a textbook order has been put in at both bookstores. If you prefer, both can be purchased used for a few dollars---one place to search is:

In this seminar we will use the web-based Blackboard system to share work with each other.  After you register for the the course with the university (using Solar), log on to Blackboard and enroll yourself in its database as a student of ITS101.

Information regarding access to our class's Blackboard site

Course information can be found on Stony Brook's Blackboard site:    In order to log into this website, you will need your blackboard user name and password.  If you used Blackboard during the Fall 2002 semester, your login information is the same.  If you did not use Blackboard during the Fall 2002 semester, your user name is your University user name (sparky account),  (which is normally your first initial, and the first 7 letters of your last name).  Your password is your Solar (Stony Brook) ID#.  If your user name does not work, your instructor will be able to provide you with that information.  In addition, you can go to one of the following SINC Sites to look up your user name: Student Union Room 080, Computing Center Room 138, Main Library Room S1460, or HSC Library (3rd floor).   There are 11 SINC Sites (public computer labs on campus), for details (locations & schedules), go to: