Additional Photos

Zome Geometry

Hands-on Learning with Zome Models

George W. Hart   and  Henri Picciotto

The photos below are additions, illustrating some Zometool models which are only described with text in the Zome Geometry book.

Chapter 11. Cubes in a Dodecahedron

Compound of five rhombic dodecahedra, described in Exploration 11D

Compound of five gb1 tetrahedra, described in Exploration 11H

Chapter 14. Zonohedra

Computer model of 61-zone zonohedron, based on all blue, yellow, red, and green directions.  You could build this if you had enough green struts.  (Interestingly, you never need to put two green struts in the same red hole.)

Chapter 18. Big domes

2-layer dome described in 18.3 #3

10-fold polar zonohedron, 
described in Exploration 14F, 
built double-scale as a dome

Chapter 22. Stellations

Compound of five octahedra, described in Exploration 22G

23. Fractal Structures

Mega-icosahedron, composed of 12 mega-balls 
and 30 mega-struts, described in Section 23.3. 
(Built by students at Mathcamp 2000.)

25. Further Explorations

Looking down the 2-fold axis of 
a 6-strut simple overhand knot, 
described in Exploration 25D.

20-sided wheel, 
described in Exploration 25F. 
(It rolls nicely.)

Projection of truncated 120-cell, 
described in Exploration 25Z. 
(Built by students at Mathcamp 2000.)
Closeup of above, viewed down one 10-gon tunnel.