Construction of One Component

George Hart

In the Science Center atrium at Albion College, on friday evening, Sept 12, 2008, we assembled one of nine components of my sculpture Comet!  Above you can see a group of Albion faculty beginning to bolt the parts together. The parts are laser-cut aluminum, powder coated in various colors. Above are the inner components of orb number 9, which are a burgandy red color. The full set of parts are shown on the sculpture design page.

We are having a small sculpture party and practicing how to assemble it, in preparation for a public construction of the remaining eight orbs to occur the following day. The parts fit together with no problem, and begin to make a spherical form.

We do a careful calibration measurement verification check with a reference diameter standard...

Lots of nuts, bolts, and washers are used to connect the 30 inner parts, with small angle brackets.

After the inner sphere is complete, we begin on the outer layer of sixty additional parts. These are a brighter red color.

The two layers join at the centers of the inner parts.  Lots more bolts are used...

The outer parts connect with each other forming three-way vortices and large pentagonal openings.

When done, we whoosh it up the stairs.

It will be installed suspended from the ceiling on a chain.

Up it goes.... 

Having learned a few things, we are ready for the sculpture barn raising the following day.