3D-Printed Rollers for
Making Escher-Cookies

George W. Hart

3D-printed rollers can be custom generated starting from images, by using the software provided below.  These rollers can be used to imprint your favorite frieze patterns and tessellations on to your favorite cookies, ceramics, and other plastic materials. Here are some sugar cookies made by this technique.

And here are some cocoa cookies:

More examples can be seen below, along with the stl files to produce the rollers.  To make your own patterned cookies, just print a custom roller on a nearby 3D-printer and roll the roller over the dough before baking.  More information is given in the paper.

Read the Paper

This is a joint project with Robert Hanson of Towson University.  For details see this draft paper:

    Robert Hanson and George Hart, "Custom 3D-Printed Rollers for Frieze Pattern Cookies," draft paper submitted to Bridges 2013.

Watch the Video

See the rollers in action making Escher Cookies here.

Download the Software

The program to process an image and create the stl files for your own rollers is here.  To run it, you must have access to Mathematica.

Download the stl Files

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can replicate the rollers illustrated here from these stl files.  These were all printed in ABS plastic on my Makerbot Replicator. I've also included the images used as input to the software.  There files are provided for non-commercial, educational use only.  See the paper above for image source credits.

1. M.C. Escher, Reptiles (stl file)

2. M.C. Escher, Pegasus (two versions: stl file 1, stl file 2)

3. M.C. Escher, Horsemen
(two versions: stl file 1, stl file 2)



4. M.C. Escher, Flying Fish (two versions: stl file 1, stl file 2)



5. Hittite Cylinder Seal with Janus
(stl file)

6. Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal with Monsters (stl file)

Above is the original, one of my favorites.  Below is my rough recreation.

Copyright 2013, George W. Hart