George W. Hart


This is a 9-inch diameter table-top sculpture made of acrylic plastic (plexiglas). It is assembled from thirty identical pieces.  Each is an elongated S-shaped form, carefully calculated to spiral around in a vortex with the other parts yet only touch each other at their outside tips. The effect is like a dodecahedron constructed from a dozen spinning flowers. Until you study it in person, it is hard to recognize that the shape of each piece is a simple flat S, as shown below:

Bouquet has a very light and open feeling and gives very different impressions when viewed from different angles. Although it looks beautiful when held in sunlight, I do not recommend suspending it in a window because it is slightly flexible (due to its long thin parts).

It is hard to capture in a photograph how the many parts just pass by each other at various angles.  So the computer-generated image below is better for conveying the intricacy of its structure.  Of course this computer image has segments instead of curves, and it can not capture the way light refracts and reflects through the transparent parts and reflects off the surfaces.  So one really must walk around it and see it from all sides to fully appreciate it visually and geometrically.


The computer model above shows a direct face-on view.  The photograph below shows it it from almost the same angle.

This is one of a series of acrylic sculptures which I am making in a limited edition of only six copies.  Each copy is in a different color, so each is unique.  Below is the orange one.

Here is the green one:

And here is the purple one:

And the yellow one:

For more information about this series, view my acrylic sculpture limited editions page.

Copyright 2003, George W. Hart