Deep-Sea Tango

George W. Hart

This is a hold-in-your-hand size (4 inch diameter) sculpture made of acrylic plastic (plexiglas).  It is assembled from twelve identical pieces. Each is a kind of ten-arm star-fish-like form, carefully calculated so that the arms dance through each other and only touch another at their tips. I like to think of the arrangement as a bit of complex underwater ballet choreography. The shape of each piece is shown below:

It is hard to capture in a photograph how the many parts just pass by each other at all different angles.  So the computer-generated image below is better for conveying the intricacy of its structure. Of course this computer image has segments instead of curves, and it can not capture the way light plays through its surfaces. So one really must hold it in hand and turn it about to fully appreciate it visually, tactilely, and geometrically.

This is one of a series of acrylic sculptures which I am making in a limited edition of only six copies.  Each is in a different color, so each is unique. Here is a view of the green one:

For other acrylic sculptures in this series, view my acrylic sculpture limited editions page.

Copyright 2003, George W. Hart