Vietnam Trip

George W. Hart

In March, 2015, I visited five different schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I led a variety of math/art workshops.

This giant cardboard construction was popular.  Instructions and a template are available here.

We also made hyperboloids from chopsticks and little rubber bands.

Instructions for this workshop are available here.

Instructions for these stars made from playing cards are online here.

This truncated icosahedron has the pattern of a football.  Instructions for it are here.

This is a version of my sculpture Volcanoes, assembled from laser-cut wood pieces.

Here is a different design for a giant cardboard sculpture.  The template for making it is here.

Thank you to everyone who hosted me at all five schools.  I had a wonderful visit.
And thank you especially to Clara Ngo who initiated all the arrangements.

Here's one school's collection of additional photos.

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