Additions to

Zome Geometry

George W. Hart   and  Henri Picciotto

Mrs. Zonemon

This is just a diversion made by my daughter and I. (It's a long story.)  But since we made it, maybe you might as well get to see it.  It is an assemblage of various modules that were sitting around.  For example, the head is the compound of ten triangular prisms and the arms are 10/3-fold spirals.  The only interesting part which is not described in the book or in a previous "construction of the month" is this unit in the base:

This is a nice construction which looks like a flat dissection of a regular 10-gon in this face-on image.  But it is actually rippled with very nice undulations.  It is an assemblage of ten regular skew 10-gons.  To build it, start with the central ball and place ten yellow struts in the holes closest to a red plane.  (Five are above the plane and five below.)  Then complete the V's like a zonohedron.